One guy and a truck

I had been working for my dad's painting company for several years and when the economy turned in 2008 I found myself unemployed along with the 14 other employees of his business. I took a 9 month break from painting and didn't think I'd get back into it, much less start my own painting company. In August of 2009 after being awarded the contract to paint the roofs in Charles City, I formed River City Painters and hired a part time employee to help me along for the first couple years.

I had the knowledge of painting but was just beginning to learn how to operate a company. I opened up a small shop on the Southside which is near where I grew up. Richmond has been my home since 1984 and I took on the challenge of getting a new business name out there through a volume based approach. This meant my price point needed to be affordable to a wide range of income and client base. In 2011 I added commercial work to my services with a strong relationship at CBRE and other large property management companies. I currently serve around 300 residential homes now a year. I also take on about 30 commercial projects annually. I am still the first point of contact for new work requests and do all the estimates personally. I live in the Northside now in Ginter Park and love maintaining my 104 year old historic home. I enjoy talking through the process of painting and stand behind all my work with a written guarantee.